Update 15 Dec 13

We have survey responses now from 34 El Reno chasers, containing a good mix of chaser types that falls along the lines of the following general categories:

  •  Scientists and NOAA personnel (6);
  •  Veteran chasers (6);
  •  Mainstream chasers & photographers (13);
  •  Chase tour operators and participants (5);
  •  Chasers from abroad (3), and
  •  Newcomers to chasing (1).

Of course, some individuals fit multiple categories.  From internet searches and word of mouth references, we have compiled a list of 250 individual chasers or chase groups, who observed the El Reno storm. We have begun reaching out to many of these persons, inviting them to participate in our survey and contribute to the growing database. Want to know if your name is already on our list? Just send us an email and we’ll let you know.

The El Reno Survey will be featured on the WeatherBrains  webcast with James Spann and his panel of experts on Monday night, December 16th. The broadcast will begin at 9:30 pm EST, and Anton Seimon will be a guest panelist. Eric Fisher will go until 9:50 EST, then Anton will go on at 10:30. The direct link for following the show live is www.live.bigbrainsmedia.com   The show should be available thereafter as podcast 412 on the WeatherBrains channel on YouTube (will add link when available).  Our invitation for this interview is largely thanks to the strong support for the project expressed by SPC senior forecaster Roger Edwards, who was a WeatherBrains guest himself back on December 2nd.

Our website now features profiles of our team members and a donation page for those wishing to support the project work.

We warmly thank all who have responded to the survey and many others who have expressed support for the project.