Update 18 May 2014

As part of our efforts to improve linkages between storm chasers and scientists, our project team is pleased to present our Recommendations for Optimizing Storm Chase Data Collection to Serve Scientific Research.  The detailed chase accounts provided by El Reno Survey participants has provided the basis for many of the items listed.  We may update this list periodically, incorporating feedback received from both chasers and researchers, as well as new findings as our analysis of project data proceeds. We thank our large list of contributors for sharing their El Reno chase experiences and data resources. We are also grateful to Roger Edwards, Rich Thompson, Dr. Robin Tanamachi and Jon Davies — colleagues with deep experience  as both chasers and researchers — who kindly reviewed the document for us and provided valuable feedback and suggestions.

Meanwhile, involvement in the project continues to grow. As the one year anniversary of the El Reno Storm approaches, our participant count is now up to 77, as shown on our updated list of contributors.  We continue to accept new survey participants, so hope that those who have been intending to do so follow through by submitting our online registration form

Wishing all chasers a safe and enjoyable spring season out on the plains,
Anton, John, Elke David and Tracie